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    Company History
    Elephant Fabric Ltd is a high-tech subsidiary company controlled by Kedermaker New Zealand Ltd.
    Elephant Fabric Ltd recognizes the need for sustainable development, therefore we specializes in manufacturing
    environmentally friendly/biodegradable industrial fabrics, using Polypropylene Fabrics or commonly known as PP.
    Our growing collection of eco-fabric includes Ecoprint™ PP Flex banner, Farmland™ PP Tarpaulin/cover and PP
    Our PP fabric is fully patented after years of Research and Development.
    In 2016, we have made a fundamental breakthrough in the technology which enables us to fill in the blanks in this
    industry around the world.
    Production lines are fully developed by Elephant Fabric Ltd, the manufacturing process involves the adhesion of base
    PP yarn fabric with our special PP coating; The finished product is a nontoxic, odorless and halogen-free product.
    Our PP fabric is 100% degradable and recyclable, it is foreseeable that the traditional flex banner fabric will be
    replaced by the PP fabric in the future due to new legislations around developed countries, where flex banner using
    PVC has been banned due to its non-recyclable and toxic properties.
    The PP fabric not only provide a solution to the pollution issue, but also the low density for PP fabric (40% lighter than
    PVC) can reduce the cost for manufacturing and installation than PVC.

    Our headquarter is located in New Zealand, while all manufacturing plants are located in HaiNing China Warp Knitting
    Science & Technology Industrial Zone where the manufacturing, packaging and delivery takes place; from there, a
    quick delivery can be arranged, being only two hours’ drive to Shanghai International Port.

    Polypropylene woven fabric.

    Product Application
    Flex Banner, Tarpaulin Crop/Wheat Cover, Truck/boat Cover, Geo membrane.

    Production Equipment
    Production lines are fully developed by Elephant Fabric Ltd, due to the nature of our patented products, all production
    machinery are self-developed and custom-made to be fit for purpose. 18X18 Woven Base Fabric manufacturers

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