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    Spin Column contains lots of glass fiber membrane filter, based on skills of rapid extraction of nucleic acid by glass optical fiber. It can be used to purify single-stranded or double strand DNA/RNA in salt, solvent, enzyme, protein, etc. Nucleic acid is absorbed on the glass fiber at high salt concentration while salt and impurities are removed during the cleaning process. Pure DNA/RNA is obtained from the membranes by water or TE buffer.
    1.DNA / RNA mini spin column
    2.Can compatible with Qiagen and Invitrogen buffer solution
    3.Binding ability 45~50µg
    4.Fragment size 65bp~10kbp
    5.Buffer solution formula is suitable for plasmid sample volume preparation, gel extraction and PCR removal.
    1.Rapid purify of PCR products
    2.Recover DNA strand from agarose gel.
    3.Extract Plasmid DNA
    4.Extract genome DNA
    5.Purify RNA
    6.Certain DNA separation from reaction mixture.
    Ordering Information
    Item No.DescriptionPackage(pcs/pack)
    SCG203Spin Column, 3 layer glass Fiber100
    SCG204Spin Column, 4 layer glass Fiber100
    SCG205Spin Column, 5 layer glass Fiber100Separation and purification device price

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