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    Anisotropic Ferrite Y30 Ring Magnet
    Permanent magnet ferrite is a hexagonal structure with uniaxial anisotropy. Mainly barium, strontium and lead ferrite and its composite solid solution. There are same – sex and opposite – sex magnets. Because this kind of ferrite material can remain strong and constant remanent magnetic properties for a long time after the disappearance of the external magnetic field, it can be used to generate stable magnetic field in the external space. It is widely used, for example, as a permanent magnet in various fields, generators, telephones, speakers, television sets and microwave devices.
    Ferrite magnets of the same sex and opposite sex generally through the appearance, difficult to distinguish. The magnetic product of anisotropy is about three times more than that of anisotropy. As a result, the same – sex mold price will be slightly cheaper.
    Permanent magnet ferrite products are mainly anisotropic series. They can be used to make permanent magnet ignition motor, permanent magnet motor, permanent magnet concentrator, permanent magnet lifting head, magnetic thrust bearing, magnetic separator, loudspeaker, microwave device, magnetic flux, hearing aid, etc.
    Anisotropic ferrite magnets exert a oriented magnetic field when pressing (dry or wet) ferrite magnets to align the magnetizable axis of magnetic powders.
    The surface gauss of the same ferrite is less than 900 gauss, usually 560 gauss, the anisotropic magnetism will be greater than 900 gauss, more than 1,100 gauss.
    The same sex ferrite plate number generally has Y8T, Y10T, the opposite sex ferrite plate number generally has Y25, Y30, Y30BH.
    Usually, same sex ferrite is mostly mould press, namely circle piece, also have square, the most obvious place is round piece all round is R Angle, compare roundness.
    Anisotropic ferrite is usually cut, refers to the class of square magnets.
    Same sex ferrite and opposite sex ferrite tolerance ratio:
    Mold pressure: the tolerance of length and width is * + / – 2% thickness + / – 0.1 (unit mm).
    Cutting: length and width tolerance is * + / – 0.15% thickness + / – 0.1 (unit mm).Ring Ceramic Magnet factory

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