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    high precision bearing steel bar peeling machine
    Yantai Haige Machine Tools Co., Ltd. was built in 1999, which specializes in producing steel finishing equipment, such as high precision bearing steel bar peeling machine, series JY Bar Straightening Machine, Abrasive Belt Grinder, Drawing Machine, Shot Blasting Machine, Centerless Grinding Machine, CNC skiving and Roller Burnishing Machine and Auxiliary Machine etc. We are also engaged in continuous hard chrome plating equipment and heat treatment equipment.
    Based on more than 10 years experience in manufactur and design, our machines have been exported to Russia,Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Iran, South Korea, North Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions.
    WXC130S is one of most popular CNC type products. It has high cost performance. It can process diameter size from 35 to 130mm, the feeding speed is 1.0 – 5.0m/min and tolerance can be reached h9.
    The machine is equipped with automatic loading and unloading mechanism. Automatically input and output and automatically loading and unloading, even it can be achieved online diameter measurement. So it saves labor greatly and improves production capacity.
    More pictures and technical parameters, please keep looking down.

    material requirementdiameter range (mm)35<dia<135
    material length (mm)≥2800
    yield strength(Mpa)≤1100
    surface hardness≤HB320
    straightness (mm/m)≤1.5
    diameter toleranceaccording to GB 702-2004 second group
    roundness(mm)≤50% of diameter tolerance
    surface roughness(Ra)≤25~50μm
    finished productdiameter range(mm)35≤dia≤130
    diameter cutting depth(mm)1.0~5.0
    diameter tolerance≤h9
    surface roughness (Ra)≤3.2μm
    feeding speed (m/min)0.3~6
    cutting head rotation rate per minute(rpm)240~670
    main motor(kw)110
    total capacity(kw)140
    compressed air (prepared by user)0.5~0.8MPa,1.8m3/min,0.8 m3 up air tank with two stage oil water separator and compressed air freezing type drying machine
    PackagingBar Peeling Machine

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